Purchase real estate projects – choose the location where the rich locates.

In the book “100 tips of real estate investment “, US President, the billionaire Donal Trump mentioned an important experience which is: “Purchase real estate projects – choose the location where the rich locates” ”. This is actually another way of tips of the position choice. The location not only plays an important role in creating the value of real estate but also determines the potential price of such property in the future.

Nam Thang Long urban area (Ciputra) – the largest and the first international urban area in Hanoi is the place where the upper classes or successful businessmen often gather. This urban area is also known as another “the rich quarter” with 30.8% residents populated by foreigners from 74 countries around the world.

Gathering the elite, civilized and classy community of residents, Ciputra has become an ideal destination for many Vietnamese families as well as international visitors. Real estate products in this area are always “hotter” than ever, in which, Sunshine Golden River project (owned by Sunshine Group) is considered as one of the “top” options for the upper class people.

The golden position which is located in the prime location of transportation and social infrastructure and feng shui elements has made a special attraction of Nam Thang Long (Ciputra) urban area in general and Sunshine Golden River in particular.

The residents can easily reach the arterial roads of the capital such as Ring Road 2 (Vo Chi Cong Street with 10 lanes), Ring Road 3 (Pham Van Dong Street with 12 lanes) and famous bridges which can change the capital appearance such as Nhat Tan Bridge, Thang Long Bridge … The convenience of traffic take us just some minutes to reach central locations such as West Lake, Hoan Kiem Lake and Noi Bai International Airport.

Nam Thang Long urban area (Ciputra) is remarkably typical example of beautiful land position, which is adjacent to the historic Red River and West Lake. The presence of the Water element (including the surface of river and lake) is not only a decoration for the landscape, the improvement factor for ecological environment but also profound values about the feng shui philosophy of Asians.

We can easily explore and recognized about the fact that the history of the rich cities in the world is associated with the status of rivers. According to feng shui art, if a city or an urban area has rivers and lakes flowing through, such city or urban area will always be full of prosperity and fortune.

According to experts, the golden location of the Western of West Lake shall turn into diamond because transportation and social infrastructure continue to be improved and developed in the near future. The appearance of the 88-floor tower, Lotte supermarket will be a strong “push” to accelerate the value of real estate in this area.

Sunshine Golden River “scored” by its beautiful location

When deciding to set up the Sunshine Golden River project in Nam Thang Long urban area (Ciputra), the Investor, Sunshine Group desires to build a new value of life and lifestyle in a place where there is a cultural interference with thousands of residents from all over the world.

Sunshine Golden River luxury apartment project not only has a location advantage but also inherits a series of top utilities of “Sunshine family” adjacent projects such as Sunshine City, Sunshine Riverside, Sunshine Crystal River, Sunshine Wonder Villas….when being located here.

However, the attraction of the project is not that simple! The charm of Sunshine Golden River is also featured by the fact that this is the first project in Hanoi to bring the garden to the middle of the sky, creating the upper class, difference; confirming new and bold steps of the Investor, Sunshine Group.

Being located in an immense population of green spaces of up to 77 hectares of trees and water surface of Nam Thang Long (Ciputra) urban area, Sunshine Golden River contributes a new green with unique gardens on the top floor.

'Kế sông, cận thuỷ', dự án hot nhất Tây Hồ Tây gây xôn xao thị trường - ảnh 1

The green of trees and grass in the middle of the sky blends with the blue sky and clouds in the air to bring peaceful, clear and relaxing feelings to Sunshine Golden River apartment owners.

Each apartment of Sunshine Golden River has a large area of 130-200m2 and owns a spacious private garden – where family members can enjoy playing with ornamental plants or planting lush green vegetable gardens or a garden of colorful flowers…

The uniqueness of each Sunshine Golden River apartment is also located in the ultimate sophistication and luxury in the golden, expensive interior from famous brands, in which, the master bathroom with the golden Kohler equipment is an impressive highlight.

'Kế sông, cận thuỷ', dự án hot nhất Tây Hồ Tây gây xôn xao thị trường - ảnh 2

The uniqueness of each apartment also locates in the sophisticated and luxury of the golden and expensive interior from famous brands.

If the customers want to change the relaxing space, Sunshine Golden River residents should step out of the apartment with lovely gardens, reach the service areas to enjoy high-end facilities such as four-season swimming pool, mineral pool, coffee books, massage areas, saunas, gyms, yoga, children’s play course or enjoy delicious food in Japanese, Korean, European restaurant chains, …. cigar lounge or rooftop to experience business bar, golf course …

All of these 5-star services and utilities of Sunshine Golden River project help create a new living standard of the upper class in the Western of West Lake. This standard will make an important contribution to form a community of high-class citizens who are remarked with “luxury living-spacious staying and great doing” features in Sunshine Group’s project.

Sunshine Golden River is a luxury apartment project of the Sunshine Apartment block which is developed by Sunshine Group – a pioneer group in application of technology 4.0 in project management and operation to bring its residents a “Sunshine ecosystem” including: Education, trade, service – entertainment services … in accordance with international standards.

For more information about the Sunshine Golden River project, please contact:

Website: http://goldenriver.sunshinegroup.vn/

Hotline: 18006258

Email: goldenriver@sunshinemail.vn