Eventually, a golf course has been designed to stand in the middle of the sky, forming a perfect piece in the collection of Sunshine Group top living experiences which are present next to the rooftop helipad, …

Experience Swings from the top

Legs slack, back straight, eyes focused on the golf ball and take a deep breath. It is the beginning of a stunning swing of high accuracy and long drive, which is the dream of most golfers.

In the world, there are more and more elevated golf courses, because in these places the swing seems to be supported to yield a further, more stable and overwhelming drive.

On the journey to perfecting the swing technique for themselves, many golfers have shared that the broad view on a height has a positive impact on their psychology which helps them feel comfortable when exerting themselves to build powerful swings in calculated trajectories.

From now enthusiasts of this aristocratic sport in Vietnam can easily experience powerful swings when there will be a golf course on the top of the Sunshine Golden River building in Nam Thang Long – Ciputra urban area (Western West Lake, Hanoi).

To satisfy the elite golfers, Sunshine Golden River has raised the golf course to the top of the building.

As Sunshine Group has been known to be sensitive to new trends, and always a pioneer bringing unique and exotic living experiences to Vietnam, it does not surprise the public that it is the architect of such a rare elevated golf course in Hanoi.

“Possessing the broad view of the Red River and the windy West Lake, the Sunshine Golden River Golf Course is the place where players can enjoy absolute relaxation and time of playing golf on a height in their free time after a tiring working day or on every weekend, ”said Sunshine Group representative when sharing about the idea of ​​building this rare golf course in Hanoi.

Thus, after impressing the real estate market with the construction of helipad on the rooftop of the Sunshine City (Western West Lake) and Sunshine Center (Pham Hung Street) projects, or at once offering the market with the collection of extensive projects naming Sunshine Sky Villas or Sunshine Villas, eco-villas in inner city, the golf course on top of the Sunshine Golden River project is considered the latest effort of Sunshine Group to enhance the luxurious and classy lifestyle for wealthy homeowners.

Why the Sunshine Golden River?

It is possible to say that Sunshine Golden River has received many favors from Sunshine Group when the investor designed many advanced and unique utilities here.

Inheriting the entire classy and modern infrastructure system of Nam Thang Long urban area (Ciputra), Hanoi’s oldest urban area, plus “strong” investment from the investor, Sunshine Golden River has become one of the spotlights in Hanoi real estate market.

Sunshine Golden River – The unique building in Hanoi City has the golf course in the sky for high living standard residents. 

The first attraction comes from the “sky garden” utility with the appearance of large real gardens, where the owners are satisfied with hobby of bonsai or they can absolutely grow a spacious flower garden or cool green vegetable garden right in front of their house.

The unique combination of traditional emotions and modern experiences has drawn the attention of the market into Sunshine Golden River project.

A close view of the golf course on the upper floor of Sunshine Golden River – an expensive highlight that makes the project unique and different.

We can also get further modern experiences at Sunshine Golden River – a list of utilities at the rich world-class including outdoor swimming pool, four-season swimming pool, sky mineral pool, sauna and massage area, gym, multinational restaurant chain, Cigar Lounge, Business Bar …

Being considered as the continuously strong ball trackings hitting the endless space between the clouds, the luxurious and classy living experiences for residents are constantly created by Sunshine Group. And the sky golf course at Sunshine Golden River is currently the latest demonstration of bringing the most unique and characterized utility models to the Group’s projects.

With the golf course on the top of the building, the aristocratic golf enthusiast has a comfortable space to practice to have powerful, professional and skilled ball trackings. This is the perfect way for residents to start a new day or relax after stressful working hours at the end of the day. At the same time, this is also a step for Sunshine Group to constantly rise up, complete outstanding achievements and strengthen its pioneering position in the Vietnamese real estate market.

Sunshine Golden River is a luxury apartment project of the Sunshine Apartment Block which is developed by Sunshine Group – a pioneer group in application of technology 4.0 in project management and operation, while bringing residents the “Sunshine ecosystem” includes: Education, trade, service – entertainment … in accordance with international standards.

For more information about the Sunshine Golden River project, please contact:

Website: http://goldenriver.sunshinegroup.vn/
Hotline: 18006258
Email: goldenriver@sunshinemail.vn